Rage Against The Dying of the Light

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Opinion on girls smoking cigarettes?

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I mean no one should chain smoke, but I’ve never been opposed to it. Audrey Hepburn smoked.

What are your thoughts on the university of the south!!?

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I often wonder if I should have applied there. Its everything I would want in a school; small, liberal arts, beautiful campus, super waspy. I particularly like this mission statement: “In an era of specialization, Sewanee upholds the broad-based ideals of liberal education as a surer means to success.” I agree entirely.


A flag of the 2nd South Carolina Cavalry, Company D, ‘Dum Spiro Spero’ is latin for ‘While I breathe, I hope’, which is the SC state motto

Excuse me while I swoon over such a marvelous flag

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Are there any females that have been on your mind lately? Be honest!

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Emma Watson 😍

How does one obtain the level of perfection you posses...?

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Basically, stay away from the gym, eat a bunch of Oreos and stuff.

You like Ed Sheeran?!?! And you sail?!?! And you're grateful and funny and kind and dress impeccably?!?! And you're just so dang cool that you happen to be friends with KJP?!?!?! I believe we would make the bestest of friends good sir...

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Thank you! Pshh I’m down! I have a friend position open of you’re interested.

My father is an episcopal pastor and religion is something I hold very sacred to me, as I should. How can I find a Christian man?

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I always thought it should be his job to try and find you!

Dresses like a fratstar and sounds like an asshole. Youre super cool.

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In my experience, the two are interchangeable.